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Here’s what we know about this:

Who is gENSu dEAn? This question will soon be answered for those who are unaware! gENSu dEAn (aka lofi_ fINGAHz) may be Hip Hop’s best kept secret. Transmitting out of Texas like the great Dj Premier, gENSu dEAn utilizes a vintage sampler by Emu Systems called the SP1200 as his weapon of choice. He explains “I consciously use a vintage machine that represents a classic HipHop era, but upexplains “I consciously use a vintage machine that represents a classic yet seemingly forgotten era in HipHop. But I try to update my approach in order to maintain relevance with today’s times.” “FOREVER” is the lead single from his debut album titled “sTANDARd LIFe“ featuring Hip Hop legend LARGE PROFESSOR. Operating with the preservation of classic Hip Hop, this release will be a LIMITED 7” vinyl, to include a remix and bonus cut that will not appear on the album. In the midst of auto-tunes and ring tone rap, gENSu dEAn emerges. The winds of change are finally upon us.

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5 Responses to "Gensu Dean – “Forever” (feat. Large Professor)"
  • Rizzo says:

    Who is Gensu Dean? Somebody with a fucked up Caps Lock key

  • Gary says:

    Inexperience is raining so loud on this ! The samples are monotonous and too simple . The rhyme is lacking emotion and energy its like if you don’t believe in what you are saying then why RHYME or TRY

  • Machiventa says:

    There’s Gary again hating on someone else’s fame and fortune. If you knew Extra P then you’d know he’s rapped like that since day one. And honestly the production is on some throwback mid 90′s shit which was fairly monotonous and simple.

    Dope shit!

  • stop_the_dumb_sh!t says:

    @ rizzo you should keep your comments to being about the music, otherwise shut up.
    @ gary please post up your music, so we can determine whether or not you are in a position to say what is or is not inexperienced. its simple, gensu uses a classic MONO machine the sp1200 (duh). you don’t have to like the music, but respect these people that are trying to do their thing.
    btw, have you checked out the remix? i actually like it better.

  • Chaz B says:

    Rizzo, you sound like a moron! Thats the LARGE PROFESSOR and dude spit absolute flames on this record. Maybe you should stick to the cornball stuff you listen to, because this is straight up BOOM BAP rawness..

    BTW The song “forever” is crazy dope! the remix is sick too, and gives a whole different feel to the song. Need to hear more from this Gensu Dean cat for real!

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