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11 November, 2010@6:59 pm

There is rarely an artist that is so much more than just an artist. Case in point is J-Live. Going on nearly 15 years in the hip-hop game, J-Live is an emcee who never succumbed to the mainstream, never dumbed down his lyrics or production, and remained true to what is now referred to as “authentic hip-hop music”. The Undivided Attention EP is no different, but takes a slightly different approach. J-Live approaches the EP as a three man group, each with their own key sets of talent. The EP is in preparation for 2011 LP S.P.T.A. (Said Person of That Ability).

“Home or Away”, produced by newcomer Korede, is a piano driven track where J-Live trades rhymes with well…himself. Live even goes as far to call himself out as the DJ to “bring it in” and commences to lay down some nice cuts. The lead single and video, “The Way I Rhyme” (feat Boog Brown), once again features Korede on the boards, this time coming with a different sound, but still authentic. J-Live lays down the chorus from “It Takes Two” as these two solid emcees trade verses. Foreign Exchange’s Nicolay provides the backdrop for “How I Feel”, an ode to J-Live as a DJ. Anybody who spins for a living can relate to what J-Live is saying, as the song could have been called “How We Feel”, representing the mind state of the DJ community. “Undivided Attention” switches gears from melodic to slightly more up-tempo, and NY’s new “It” guy, Homebody Sandman, trades verses with J on “Fitness”. The EP rounds out nicely with “Calculations”, featuring Oddy Gato spitting over a melodic flute and snapping snares.

If there is one word that describes J-Live, it’s consistent, as throughout his career he has never failed to provide fans with solid hip-hop music. Will Undivided Attention gain J-Live a horde of new fans? Probably not, but it’s only a precursor of what’s to come on S.P.T.A.

In conjunction with The Well Versed.

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1 Responses to "J-Live – “Undivided Attention EP” – @@@1/2 (Review)"
  • Precision4 says:

    Where is the review? Why 3.5? All I read is a description of the song titles and who produced them, but no review. Why is the EP good/bad?

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