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16 November, 2010@9:00 am

Whut?!? The tracklist? You know how we do. Reggie is in stores December 7th. No “Lookin’ Fly” though, huh? Probably kinda hard to clear a Jackson 5 sample with the word “pedophile” rapped over it. Regardless, we’re excited to hear Red’s return.

Update: Guests added.

1 Reggie (Intro) [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027719 1:40
2 That’s Where I B (feat. DJ Kool) [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027721 3:03
3 Def Jammable [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71025785 3:04
4 Full Nelson (feat. Ready Roc, Runt Dawg & Saukrates) [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027722 3:43
5 Lift It Up [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027724 2:16
6 All I Do (feat. Faith Evans) [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027726 3:58
7 Lemme Get 2 (feat. Saukrates) [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027728 4:00
8 Mic, Lights, Camera, Action [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027730 3:35
9 Cheerz (feat. Ready Roc & Melanie Rutherford) [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027732 4:22
10 Rockin’ Wit Da Best (feat. Kool Moe Dee) [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027804 2:59
11 Lite 1 Witcha Boi (feat. Method Man & Bun B) [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027734 3:52
12 When The Lights Go Off (feat. Poo Bear) [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027809 4:47
13 Tiger Style Crane [Album Version (Explicit)] USUM71027813 2:40
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1 Responses to "EXCLUSIVE: Redman “Reggie” Official Tracklist"
  • i'm at work and bored says:

    No WKYA skits and No Supaman Luva?


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