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26 November, 2010@6:55 pm

When Curren$y dropped Pilot Talk earlier in the year, it received mixed reactions. Some shot down the subject matter, or lack thereof. Others were upset due to the fact that most of the material had already been leaked to the blog sites several months back. Stoners were just happy to have the album. Leading up to the release of the album, Ski Beatz began talking about the work being done for Pilot Talk 2. Months later, as promised by Curren$y and Ski, Curren$y is back with Pilot Talk 2.

With such a quick turnaround, fans are left to question whether or not this album will be worth the price of admission. After listening to Pilot Talk 2 several times over, the answer to the question is a solid “yes”.

The album opens with a track titled “Airborne Aquarium,” with a Ski Beatz track that sounds similar to something used in movies for dream sequences. Curren$y runs on the beat, talking race cars, weed jars, women, and promises to keep it “g” while reminding you that this is much more Pilot Talk. Ski Beatz returns for the majority of the production on Pilot Talk 2. When something isn’t broke, why try to fix it? The combination of Ski’s smooth tracks, and Curren$y laid back, drawled out flow works great. Even when Ski isn’t on the track, the beats and chemistry remain up to par. Monsta Beatz, who did a lot of the work on Curren$y’s “This Ain’t No Mixtape” provides a sax heavy beat with knocking bass on “Famous.”

For the most part, the majority of the production on the Pilot Talk 2 works because the producers involved stick to the script of Jazz influenced beats, throughout the album, providing relaxing back drops that work perfectly for Curren$y.

For better or worse, Curren$y opens the album with more Pilot Talk, and for the most part, he keeps the subject matter in place throughout the entire album. While the decision may work for current Spitta fans, it won’t sway anyone critical of Curren$y’s content. With that being said, occasionally Curren$y attempts to take you other places on Pilot Talk 2. On “Flight Briefing,” Curren$y opens the track taking responsibility for the two failed stints on major labels. It’s a little over a minute of the track talking label politics and such before Spitta tells you “Your bitch wants that vitamin D, she looking desperate”.

The one track that definitely stands out as not your average Curren$y is “Silence.” Curren$y spits a decent 45 second verse and then leaves the rest of the track to a singer, Mckenzie Eddy — who just so happens to be an executive at BluRoc records (the label that Curren$y’s Pilot Talk albums have been released under). This song is a decent trip away from what your used to from Curren$y, but it sounds like a track featuring Curren$y and breaks the overall vibe of the album. Fans of Spitta will most likely skip it, and Curren$y detractors will probably not listen to the album, and therefore, will not hear it.

The features on Pilot Talk 2 are all members of Curren$y’s crew, the Jets, or Jet affiliated, sans for Dom Kennedy, the earlier mentioned Mckenzie Eddy and Raekwon, who smashes the remix to Curren$y’s “Micheal Knight.” Absent, once again, is Curren$y’s smoking buddy, Wiz Khalifa. Those looking for another Spitta X Khalifa feature will probably have to wait for “How Fly II.”

Overall, Pilot Talk 2 is somewhat of an improvement over the original, but it lacks anything likely to sway those Curren$y would label as “plane haters.” The content, for the most part, remains the same. With beats that are not only good, but fitting, coupled with decent rhymes, Curren$y crafts an album that his fans will definitely receive with open arms. And it is certainly worth a listen to those who aren’t. Its sure the stoners will be happy to have it.

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    Great reviews on this..

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