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It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a decade since Ohio emcee Copywrite released the critically hailed The High Exhaulted. Since then, Copywrite has been in and out of music, dealt with a number of personal issues and has finally resurfaced for his first full length album since 2002′s The High Exhaulted with The Life & Times Of Peter Nelson.

Copy has evolved since his days on Eastern Conference records. While widely known as a menacing punchline lyricist, his best work was arguably done with the narrative “June.” On his latest project, Copywrite expands his arsenal in gives a lot more insight on who Peter Nelson is. Copywrite has been though a lot in his life and spends roughly half the album discussing his personal issues, departure from the supergroup The Weathermen, the friends and family he’s lost and fighting his own personal demons. Those moments truly round out the album and prove that Copywrite isn’t just a rapper.

Copywrite sets aside his rapping persona and introduces Peter Nelson on songs like the RJD2 produced “Forever And A Day” which pays homage to all of the friends and family he has lost over the years. “Bored” finds Copywrite poking fun at himself and the numerous internet jockeys that drag his name through the mud on message boards while “Confessional” is a therapeutic session as the Ohio rapper acts as a tour guide through his turbulent past.

But don’t think he can’t shred a mic with the best of them. His romp with Planet Asia and Tage Future “Best In Show” proves this point to perfection. “Y.O.G.A. Stretch” is Copywrite at his hip-hop quotable finest as he pummels the racing production with what seems like a punchrhyme instead of a single punchline.

At a robust 20 tracks, The Life & Times Of Peter Nelson might be a difficult meal to digest in one sitting. A few tracks could have been shaved off the outing like the dreary “Don’t Kill Me” and thudding “Shotgun.” If condensed, Copywrite would have had one helluva album. However, the injection of mediocre songs weighs down the album and drowns out some of the excellent songs Copywrite recorded. But either way, Copywrite has made a valiant return to hip-hop.

In conjunction with TWV.

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4 Responses to "Copywrite – “The Life & Times Of Peter Nelson” – @@@1/2 – (Review)"
  • Vega says:

    There are some major flaws to this article, 1st the high exhaulted was never critically hailed. as a matter of fact it was judged quite poorly by critics when it dropped. 2nd copy was never in and out of the game. Hes dropped 3 mixtapes and now a full length lp in the past 7 years with a slew of features. So to use the word resurface is just ridiculous.
    Then the contradictions… You describe him as a battle mc with punchlines and say hea come a long way since ec then you immediately mention june as his best track which was released before he was with ec so has he come a long way or was he just harnessing his lyrical ability? Once again a valiant return is a terrible description for an mc who never left most ughh radar. Decent review all around though

  • Dirk says:

    Way to uselessly nitpick, Vega.

  • D-Train says:

    Good review Dre and Vega you are being a bit picky….. To be real copy was supposed to be that dude and he was supposed to sign to the Roc back in the day when he had some buzz……..He did fade out of the Radar, his beefs and own demons made dude have to go back to the drawing board with his two mixtapes……. To me copy is and was a battle rapper that will eat cats for dinner….I like the album but it’s to long and a bit soft on production…. M-Phases, 9th, Oddisee and Apollo Brown would do wk with kids talent……..

  • k4nc3r says:

    “On his latest project, Copywrite expands his arsenal in gives a lot more insight on who Peter Nelson is. Copywrite has been though a lot in his life and spends roughly half the album discussing his personal issues”

    Are you working towards getting a typo every sentence here? lmao

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