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Remixing Nas acapellas ain’t nothing new up under the sun, one could even surmise the trend started here with 9th Wonder’s God’s Stepson. But when you get Large Professor to do the title track or Dr. Butcher and Rob Swift on “Nas Is Like”, you’ve got our attention. Check the resume…

1. U Gotta Luv It – Produced by Mondee
2. God Loves Us – Produced by Commander Black
3. Surviving The Times – Produced by BT
4. Purple – Produced by Jony Fraze
5. Fast Life – Produced by Geng Grizzly
6. No Ideas Original – Produced by Large Professor
7. Hey Nas – Produced by Shinobi Ninja
8. Ur Da Man – Produced by 2 Hungry Bros
9. Ur Da Man – Produced by Face Valyou
10. Zone Out – Produced by Mondee
11. Mastermind – Produced by Steel
12. The General (Salute Me) – Produced by BT
13. Nas Is Like – Produced by Dr. Butcher & Rob Swift
14. Rewind – Produced by Face Valyou
15. Thiefs Theme – Produced by Tes Uno
16. Destroy & Rebuild – Produced by Rugged One
17. Affirmative Action – Produced by Kon
18. Bridging The Gap – Produced by Shiftee

Boundless Music Presents: No Idea’s Original: The Nas Remixes (Mixtape)

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2 Responses to "Boundless Music Presents: No Idea’s Original: The Nas Remixes (Mixtape)"
  • singh says:

    I can’t believe there are “producers” out there that can make legends sound like ass…….if the drums ain’t right the beat ain’t right….(quote Havoc of mobb deep)…….only downloaded b/c of nas, what a waste………i hate no talent mf’s who think they are the shit and think by putting their beats behind legends that their shit can sell…..the wackist shit I’ve downloaded in a while…….here’s an idea……i have no producerary skills, maybe if I put my wack ass sample’s around rakim lyrics I can get people to notice my wack ass beats.

    please leave it to the professionals to make remixes.

  • Gary Rue says:

    Glad I didn’t download !

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