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In a recent interview with XXL, Raekwon explained why RZA is not attached to his new LP, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.

“Rza is not on the album. Being that he’s so die hard Wu-Tang, anything that sounds like it’s going at Wu-Tang wasn’t really up his alley,” Raekwon told XXL. “I aint mad at him. He’s doing his movie thing right now, he’s happy with that, and for me I’m just gonna keep the legacy alive. I think I’m a skillful artist that understands how to do things, so it wasn’t really a headache to not have him [involved]. He did things for me on Cuban Links II which I’m very grateful for, but I didn’t want to get him to start dealing with [Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang] because I knew that at the end of the day he wasn’t fond about it,” he added.

Speculation was that RZA’s lack of involvement was due to Rae’s public blasting of the direction taken on the Wu-Tang’s 8 Diagrams LP, however RZA did have a hand in Rae’s last solo effort, Only Built For Cuban Linx 2.

“It wasn’t about anybody trying to make this record to assassinate The Rza,” he said. “We love The Rza. The Rza is the one that found us in the street. But we don’t always gotta be in love with The Rza you know what I’m saying? So this album was definitely picked from that time.”

Via: XXL

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6 Responses to "Raekwon Breaks Down RZA’s Absense on “Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang” LP"
  • battlehound says:

    so that explains his absence? sounds like rza wasn’t feeling it and left rae to take the hit on what he felt be a weak LP perchance?

  • Raja says:

    Is this the official cover? An improvement on the other one we saw, but it still looks like a cheap Photoshop job.

    Don’t mind the lack of RZA, not like we’re going to get ol’ school ’90s beats from him any more. Would like to see more Wu-Tang in general though.

  • IcarianHeights says:

    Amazing how much Raekwon loves put himself in the “thinking man” pose on his covers…Dude loves to look at himself… lol

    About RZA, Rae is being allot more diplomatic about it than others have been/will be me thinks though…

    remember on the new apollo kids LP? On “Purified Thoughts” GFk spat:

    “Cut off niggaz who killed Bill but couldn’t do nuttin for me
    Shout ‘em out every once in the blue and kid too
    I never rocked with, laws they keep away we cool
    I devised my own stimulus, plan I’m niggarish
    I’m tired of eatin those crumbs and black licorice”

    Even going back and listening to the 8 Diagrams one can pick up on the tension…

    sad, but it is what it is though…

    I just wish RZA would drop “The Cure”… I been waiting for that almost half my life now…

  • Machiventa says:

    I’m glad RZA isn’t on it. Can’t even produce that gritty hip hop he practically pioneered anymore.

  • battlehound says:

    have you listened to dark fantasy on mbdtf? rza is ruling that track!!!

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