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31 January, 2011@8:28 pm

Rick Ross celebrated his birthday @ King of Diamonds in Miami this weekend, with he and Diddy (apparently) spending an excess of $1 Million, much of it thrown around frivolously. The stunt was so over the top that it required a Brinks truck to deliver more cash to be tossed in the air obnoxiously. Pharrell, Red Cafe, Busta Rhymes, and Ace Hood, were also in attendance.

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3 Responses to "WTF: Diddy, Rick Ross Blow $1 Million @ KOD"
  • they had the money truck outside!

  • Huey says:

    You wanna’ know what’s REALLY fucked up about that video??? The fact that the dude who basically started Hip-Hop (Kool Herc), doesn’t have health insurance or the money he needs for life savin’ surgery, but these ASSCLOWNS can just frivolously throw it away.

    If there were no Kool Herc, these arrogant dickheads wouldn’t even HAVE the opportunity to Blow-Money-Fast…

    Let’s see how many mofos who made their livin’ off of this art form step up & do the right thing…

  • Casey says:

    I wouldn’t expect Rick Ross to understand or know who Kool Herc is, but if Diddy sits by and watches him pass away without pouring unlimited money to his deteriorating health cause then…I don’t know what to say about “Hip-Hop” today.

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