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10 February, 2011@12:59 pm

Jay-Z took offense to Baby aka Birdman’s earlier comments a few months back when he said that MTV naming Jay as the best rapper was a fluke.

“I don’t think he a number one emcee in no kinda way,” Baby said “Wayne the best he do the most and he make the most money. I don’t think no n*gga in the business make more money than us. How could you be the best if you don’t make the best money, the most money and you don’t do the most. Lyrically, come on man be for real man can’t nobody f*ck with Wayne. And to me, if you number one and you ain’t getting no money it don’t mean nothing. Who’s making the most money. That’s number one to me.”

“F*ck all that rap sh*t,” he continued. “Sh*t, y’all got cold rappers you never even heard and then you got n*ggas who really can’t rap and making money. It’s about who’s making the most money to me. I don’t give a f*ck about the rest of that sh*t.”

He continues, “No, no, [beef]. Nothing personal, they just asked me my opinion and that was my opinion. I think we do the most and make the most, so if you don’t like it, that’s on you. I can’t see past Wayne, so I can’t see Jay-Z.”

That was in August of 2010. Jay retorted on he and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne single, “H.A.M.” with this thinly veiled dis line back at Birdman.

“Niggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily / Like these rappers rap about all the shit that I do really / I’m like really, half a billi, nigga? / Really you got baby money / Keep it real with niggas, niggas ain’t got my lady money / Watch the throne, don’t step on our road / Bad enough we let you step on our globe…”

Birdman posted the above tweet in response last night. Who knows where this will go next…..

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