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14 February, 2011@1:24 pm

A lot of long-time HHS users remember the wealth of promo items that came with our online orders during our retail phase. This accounts for over 100+ releases, some officially branded by HHS, others provided by the labels. We’ve got them all here. Ripping them and uploading all of them will be a daunting task, however. The question is, is it worth doing? We probably have to figure out the logistics of it – a schedule even – to unload this wealth of releases for the public. We’re a little on the fence about it because we feel the HHS traffic needs to reach the levels of where we used to be at before we opened (and closed) the digi-downloads store. If we’re going to do it, we want it to reach the most people possible. Give us your feedback in the comments section below and maybe we’ll figure something out….

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39 Responses to "Poll: Should We Rip & Upload All Of The Old HHS Promos?"
  • IcarianHeights says:

    for the love of all that is holy…. just release them ahk… ask the questions later…


  • premier101 says:

    Absolutely! Please make this happen!

  • Paul Truland says:

    no way…what a bad idea. okay, i just wanted one “no” on the list, now hurry up and rip that ish!!

  • Eric says:

    YesIf you’re looking for a way to generate traffic … Match up some of the old with the new.
    make It a regular thing to pop in a new “for promo use only” along with some new ish, eg for that rock song featuring lil fame , throw up an MOP or Teflon promo.

  • showguone says:

    Yes! Man all thew cool promo shit you guys gave out like the 45′s man. I still have a shoebox filled with your 7′s. I want some of those digitally. The best one ever was Rjd2′s Rain 45. You guys should put one release a week and make it HHS Sundays or sum shit. Man the good ole days when I looked forward to seeing the mailman drop off a priority mail box with the HHS tape one it, made my fucking week.

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