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While backstage at the Monique show, Rae promotes his Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang joint hitting in 12 days, while Ghostface talks their collaborative LP with The Lox, Wu-Block, and the status of Supreme Clientele 2.

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5 Responses to "Ghostface Talks “Wu-Block”, “Supreme Clientele 2″ LP’s"
  • HoZ says:

    Supreme Clientele 2, I’m getting woody

  • KillaBee2k5 says:

    I always enjoy Ghostface’s releases! That album with D-Block will probably be good, and I can’t wait for that Supreme Clientele 2, hope it’s as good as Cuban Lynx 2!

    Now where is that Ghostface / MF DOOM album??

  • McNulty says:

    Ghostface Killa’s releases are kinda mediocre usually. But Apollo Kids was great! Hopefully Ghost can pull a Raekwon and completely resurrect his career with SC2.

  • Oliver North says:

    Um, Rae/Ghost/Cappa + The Lox?!?!? That’s going to be the grimiest record ever to hit wax! I nearly wet myself when he said that. And what I’ve heard of Shaolin Vs. Wu Tang is nasty beyond belief. Rae is bringin the Wu Renaissance. And with Liquid Swords II on the way too? See, this is what the Wu should’ve been doing all along – breaking down into smaller units and collaborations instead of every cat trying to be a superstar on his own. The strength of the Wu comes from the group and that’s why those first 5 solo albums were so fresh – they weren’t really “solo” albums, but rather Wu albums showcasing a single member. Everyone wanted to be greedy, to be the star of the show. Maybe now they’ll realize that it’s collaborating in different configurations that gives us those legendary records. Kiss the Ring!

  • Dayz says:

    Yea the last few Ghostface albums have been par for the course, nothing new to get much replay value. Wu-Block has potential if not a rushed project like Wu-Massacre (One of the biggest Wu disappointments ever in my book) excited for the idea of a new Wu-Tang album but I’m not holding my breath for that and SC2? If he pulls a Rae and OBFCL2 that album it’ll be monumental in the Hip Hop world!

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