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The story behind this release was that it was originally a “fake leak” of the People Under The Stairs’ 2006 album Stepfather. Weeks before the release of Stepfather, P.U.T.S. deliberately leaked this parody record under the guise of “Stepfather Advance” on sites like Limewire to discourage illegal downloading. Yeah, that worked pretty well.

The end result was a generic hip-hop record of cliche rap songs like “Lyrical Miracles”, “4 Elementz”, “Sucka Emcees” and more, performed by P.U.T.S. We loved the idea, so we got with the group and pressed up Redheaded Stepfather: The Fake Leak, as a free bonus disc for those that pre-ordered Stepfather. Full circle, son.

P.U.T.S. “Redheaded Stepfather: The Fake Leak”

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6 Responses to "HHS Promo Archive: P.U.T.S. “Redheaded Stepfather: The Fake Leak”"
  • IllicitMC says:

    Thanks dude’s! This is dope! I wish I was into P.U.T.S. back then. I would have loved a physical copy of this.

  • A/DC/B says:

    Thanks guys! Haven’t had a chance to D/L it yet and will check it out now. I don’t think I knew about this back when Stepfather came out :/

  • McNulty says:

    HAHAHA, this shit is hilarious! It’s funny how good it is when these cats were just trying to make fun of mainstream shit

  • Dayz says:

    The funny thing is I remember downloading those songs on Limewire when they leaked back then! LOL! …Yea I downloaded those fakes but I DID BUY THE RECORD TOO! All y’all downloaders need to BUY THE ALBUMS!!! SUPPORT THE ARTISTS!!!

  • Christopher says:

    This is way too ill. I use to love the days of the promos with the orders at HHS. My ex wife and credit debt really didn’t like it but they are both gone now and I still have some of the promos. Ha!

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