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Hitting April 5th is Bill and Vinnie’s collaborative LP. Tracklist and bonus tracks below.

1. Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Produced by C-Lance)
2. Eye Is The King (Produced by Junior Makhno)
3. Impaled Nazarene (Produced by Grand Finale)
4. Children Of God (Produced by ILL Bill)
5. Blood Meridian (Produced by Gem Grates)
6. Oath Of The Goat (Produced by Vherbal)
7. King Diamond (Produced by ILL Bill)
8. The Vice Of Killing featuring Reef the Lost Cauze and Sabac Red (Produced by Sicknature)
9. Devil’s Rebels featuring Crypt the Warchild (Produced by Shuko)
10. Age Of Quarrel (Produced by Jack of all Trades)
11. Metal In Your Mouth featuring Q-Unique and Slaine (Produced by Jack of all Trades)
12. Terror Network (Produced by C-Lance)
13. Leviathan (The Spell Of Kingu) – (Produced by DJ Muggs)
14. The Crown Is Mine (Produced by C-Lance)
15. Splatterfest (Produced by C-Lance)
16. The Final Call (Produced by ILL Bill)
17. iTunes Exclusive Bonus Track: Blood Meridian (ILL Bill Remix)
18. Napster Exclusive Bonus Track: Santa Sangre (Produced by DJ Lethal)

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9 Responses to "Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz – “Heavy Metal Kings” Cover + Tracklist"
  • Dayz says:

    @McNulty – Yea man I wish Stoupe branched out and worked with other emcees more. The Canibus album was hella choice! Imagine songs with, well, practically anyone… I mean even Paz’s boys like Apathy (one of the best right now) or Ryu… Mos Def, Talib, man anyone… Stoupe is one of the best hands down and so underrated it’s really ashame…

  • showgunone says:

    Why do they give bonus tracks to digital downloads? Fuck that shit reward the motherfuckers that actually buy CDs!

  • Jonjon says:

    some names here arent that unknown… makhno is dope, shuko did some bangers before…

  • wubanga101 says:

    Stoupe no longer produces anything related to Jedi Mind Tricks. He has left the group and any of their affiliates. Word is Stoupe wants to concentrate on different forms of music.

    Sucks, but Vinnie still has a great ear for beats so I’m sure that future JMT albums along with his other solo and collabo work will be on point.

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