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28 February, 2011@11:40 am

Slaine From La Coka Nostra Set To Star In NBC’s ‘The Cape’ Tonight at 9pm EST

Boston rapper Slaine, of the rap super group, La Coka Nostra, will appear in tonight’s episode NBC’s The Cape at 9:00pm EST.

“I actually watched the pilot for The Cape on NBC in my living room the day before I got a call to audition for it, and before I knew it I was out in LA shooting an episode with some of the same characters I had seen for the first time a week later,” commented Slaine. “I shot 12 hour days for a week and had a great experience working with the whole cast and crew. The show is really well written and has a comic book superhero vs super villain vibe to it. I got to play a bad guy alongside Vinnie Jones, who I am a big fan of from his work in movies like ‘Snatch’. Working with him was fantastic and his larger than life portrayal of a villain named Scales, who has a skin disorder that makes him look like a snake, was brilliant. It brought me back to being a kid watching some of the iconic superhero television shows that I was brought up on. I’m looking forward to watching the show develop and also shooting some more episodes in the future.”

The Cape stars David Lyons as Vince Faraday, an honest cop on a corrupt police force. He finds himself framed for a series of murders and presumed dead. Vince is then forced into hiding, leaving his wife Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and son Trip (Ryan Wynott) behind. Fueled by a desire to reunite with his family and to battle the criminal forces that have overtaken their home city, Vince becomes “The Cape” — a vigilante and his son’s favorite comic book superhero. Others in the cast include James Frain, Keith David, Summer Glau, Dorian Missick, Martin Klebba, and Vinnie Jones.Slaine recently released his video for the track ’99 Bottles’, which was directed by Danny Boy O’Connor from House of Pain/La Coka Nostra.The track is the first single from his new solo album, A World With No Skies.

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6 Responses to "Slaine To Appear on The Cape on NBC Tonight at 9pm EST"
  • Skins says:

    I watched an episode of the Cape and couldn’t make it all the way through, but I will watch tonight purely out of my respect for Slaine. The guy is a beast and if you’ve been sleeping on him, take some Charlie Sheen right now and wake up! If the released version of ‘A World With No Skies’ is a fraction of the quality that the leaked and subsequently shelved is, it will be a masterpiece.

  • showguone says:

    The pilot episode kinda sucked but Slaine was dope in The Town. I wish A World With No Skies droppped
    already, it’s worth buying.

  • KillaBee2k5 says:

    I didn’t think the Pilot episode was that bad…but then again I haven’t watched any episode since, so it wasn’t that good either…

  • McNulty says:

    Slaine’s pretty cool, I’ll def try to Hulu the episode

  • Dayz says:

    99 bottles is the new Jump Around!!! Obvious comparisons straight from the first line but that’s not a bad thing! It’s Jump Around for the new kids all amped up and skied out on some Charlie! LOL @Skins for that new term for the white!

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