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The story behind this is that we were hosting MF Doom’s website at the time, and had a close relationship with Doom. Sometime in 2006, Doom had a series of projects dropping all at once, which included the King Geedorah album, some Special Herbs instrumental projects, and a live album, if memory serves correctly. Under the pseudonym of “Max Bedroom”, DJ Pizzo (that’s me), blended acapellas from Nastradamus with beats from Dumile’s Special Herbs series. We played the finished versions for Doom, and he loved it, giving us permission to press it up as a promo item to go with orders for what we called “The Six Headed Monster”, a collection of Doom releases that were all dropping at the same time. Apart from selling a ton of CD’s that month, we also managed to create a shit-storm with our then competitor Sandbox Automatic. It turned into a really ugly thing that got out of hand on the Doom message boards, with fans choosing sides, etc. Later, we followed it up with Nastradoomus Vol. 2, also offered for promo that year. The project was so well received by fans that it ended up getting bootlegged many times over. This is hands down one of our most legendary promo releases ever.

M.F. Doom + Nas – “Nastradoomus Vol. One”

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13 Responses to "HHS Promo Archive: M.F. Doom + Nas – “Nastradoomus Vol. One”"
  • KillaBee2k5 says:

    Yeah, I got it a while ago and it’s an excellent album! Nas’s voice suits the DOOM beats perfectly!

  • Rizzo says:

    Now that’s a dope album cover

  • Christopher says:

    I remember when this dropped as a promo and I was broke as a joke back then. Anything that features Doom is nice. Thanks for posting this for us!

  • Skins says:

    Ha, I never knew this was a HHS promo item, I paid top dollar at now defunct (for music sales) record shop Armand’s here in Philly for a very well done (read: bootlegged) 2LP of this many years back. Thanks for the digital!

  • me1 says:

    Yes thanks for the digital, vol 2 coming soon??

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