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8 March, 2011@8:23 pm
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9 Responses to "Pac Div + Don Cannon – “Mania!”"
  • I second that!!! hahaha and judging by the cover this is gonna be a dope tape hahaha is it to early to crown this mix tape cover of the year???

  • Rich says:

    great cover, yawn of an album. Take Me High is a dope song/music video, but this is the 2nd chance I’ve given to this group, and I don’t really like them. Didn’t like their last mixtape and I don’t like this one. maybe I should get more into OFWGKTA

  • Skins says:

    The cover girl (Justene Jaro) is the best part of the tape, definitely.

  • Christopher says:

    I don’t know how anyone cannot like this mixtape. I think the only weak point is the Chief Rocka Freestyle cause I dodn’t think they flowed to well with the beat but other than that this is better than 99% of most albums.

  • @Rich: you gotta download “Church League Champions” that’s by far their best mixtape because it has dope tracks like “Shut Up”, “Mayor”, “Whiplash” and etc…this one was ok…about half was dope and the other half i didnt care for…..

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