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8 March, 2011@8:23 pm
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9 Responses to "Pac Div + Don Cannon – “Mania!”"
  • Rich says:

    i guess I should clarify my statements. I first heard of/saw Pac Div in a music video I suppose was on MTV a couple years back, caught the end of it, and I thought it was kinda dope/different. them dudes can rap, except I don’t know whoever had the 3rd verse on Take Me High seemed kinda slow/out of it. if that’s his style then I don’t like it, but whatever.

    my main problem with them, and with many rappers, especially if they don’t make their own beats, is the beats they chose to rap over/songs they chose to put on the album. again, Take Me High is genius, and these guys have unlimited potential, but when people get on those “hipster/skinny jeans” tracks/state of mind, i quickly lose interest.

  • Rich says:

    and i just looked up pics of that model Justene. she has a great body, but it looks like she got a nose job, which. I. can’t. stand ;-

  • McNulty says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • @Rich: hahaha now your getting toooooo pickie hahaha your chick better shit on her hahaha

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