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15 March, 2011@4:28 pm

Premier talks with DJ Vlad about difficulties collaborating with Canibus.

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5 Responses to "DJ Premier Talks Butting Heads With Canibus"
  • Christopher says:

    Primo might be one of the definitions of Hip Hop. I could see how Canibus would be hard to work with because it seems like he is on some other shit. He is so lyrical that he seems not to care what the beat is on his track he is more worried about if his wordplay is straight. Which is all good unless you want to put out an album that people put in the rides to bump rather than their headphones.

  • Skins says:

    During that verrrrry small window when people gave a shit about Canibus, one of the most common questions I remember hearing was some variation of “how could he not put out good records?”. Well, passing on Primo beats is one very easy way to fuck your album up. If some body sees Canibus cleaning up a spill on aisle 3 in whatever supermarket he works in now, please smack some sense into him for me. Thanks.

  • Dayz says:

    Man could you imagine Canibus spittin’ on the Devil’s Pie beat!?! Man I love the D’Angelo version and I played it a million times but if that beat had come out first as a Canibus track back then me and the rest of the Hip Hop community would have straight spazzed! Man what I wouldn’t do to be able to work with DJ Premier! Canibus get’s a FAIL for that one. I really like Bis but how can you pass on a DJ Premier beat!?! Blasphemy!!!

  • Although Preme is one of my favorite producers I do have to say, not all his beats are dope. Regardless of the producers name, whats real is the sound. I don’t give a flying fart if Preme’s name is on it, if it doesn’t move me musically why bother? Not everyone is meant to work together.

  • Yes Well says:

    Yes well, the beat for Devil’s Pie IS dope, and Canibus could have had a hip-hop classic with that one. Name one Canibus track that heads in general know to be a classic. Cult classic underground Canibus tracks… they don’t exist.

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