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20 March, 2011@8:35 pm

We’ve been admittedly a bit off the radar this past week, but if you saw the video posted a few days back where Premier speaks on having some difficulty working with Canibus, this might make a little more sense to you. ‘Bis doesn’t take it to Preem lyrically, but airs things out Kanye West style during the track’s outro.

UPDATE: Canibus writes:

I’m beggin’ you Preem. Don’t let these spineless magazine writers and fake ass journalists frame the pictures wrong and divide us. I ALWAYS treated you with respect and loyalty. Take 5mins and look at the videos of the shows on my reverb page where I big you & Guru up and listen to the interviews where I spoke on what you mean to me …and HIP HOP. If you really felt that way then why did you say that on camera instead of hollerin’ at me? If you can’t understand why I would be confused by your interview with Vladtv then I don’t know what to tell you. I never knew you felt like that fam. Word. They running with it and it’s not a good look. please turn it around for Hip Hop. I been trynna’ pull the stick up for 3 days now. I’m gonna’ crash Preem.


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LISTEN: Canibus – “Tell The Truth / Monsters”

Canibus – “Tell The Truth / Monsters”

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8 Responses to "Canibus – “Tell The Truth / Monsters”"
  • McNulty says:

    I was harsh on Canibus, I do have love for dude- he is extremely talented. That Rip the Jacker album was a modern day classic. It’s just that Canibus sometimes annoys me with his shit. Like on Melatonin Magic, he definately had some anti-semitic shit in there. I know this is rap, and artists should say whatever they feel, but I DON’T wanna hear about “rotten Bilderburgs” and evil rabbis in my music. O, and leave Preme alone!

  • A/DC/B says:

    Preem wasn’t working with Christina Aguilera 13 years ago … she didn’t even have a record out yet. It’s possible that neither of these guys remembers what happened very well. A phone call would have been a better move on ‘bis’s part though.

  • Skins says:

    I give Canibus his due as a talented dude, albeit an unfortunately misguided talent who has made and been the victim of bad decision making. It’s too bad because I genuinely believed in the months leading up to his debut that he was going to make a significant impact on hip-hop, and then just didn’t. Not that he didn’t still make some good records, but the hype may have been a little too much for both sides in a time when internet hype was still fairly new and overwhelming to all of us, and I give him credit for developing a loyal following, even if I’m not one of them anymore.

    That said, in this case, he just kind of sounds like a whiny girl. Which is a problem for me. That’s all.

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