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20 March, 2011@8:53 pm

Preem takes time to speak on the recent issues with Canibus.

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3 Responses to "DJ Premier Speaks On Canibus Situation"
  • McNulty says:

    ok fuck Canibus I aint never buying his shit again. NOBODY talks fucking greasy to Preme like that. I recemmend you all listen to this thing. Canibus complaining about “dirty ass D&D studios.” You disrespectful little. Seriously, I’m done with Bis, guy’s a damn attention whoe spitting on Premo like this. Not cool.
    I wish I had XM radio, Preme’s show sounds sweet

  • Skins says:

    Agreed with the Jameson swilling cop above me, for some reason the dissing of D&D very well might be the worst part of it to me. The place is goddamn hip-hop HISTORY. Legends filthed that place up and I would have done no shortage of relatively foul shit to sit in on almost any session there.

  • Dayz says:

    Dissin’ D&D is like dissin’ my church! So many holy hits were recorded there! I wish I got to go in there, how’s he gonna make it sound like some s#@thole studio!?! He should have thanked his lucky starts he got to bless the mic there and what did he do? Returned the song and dissed Preem and D&D!!! Blasphemy!!! Canibus has skills but he is misguided and makes really poor decisions which overshadow his lyrical ability. Sorry but Canibus you’re through holmes!

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