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A KRS-One and Showbiz collaboration is theoretically the stuff “true school” hip hop heads’ dreams are made of. Eleven ’90′s flavored tracks; smooth but boom bap at the essence, coupled with the blastmaster’s thick, commanding original raps is a reminder that the vets are not lacking in skills. Still, KRS’s authoritative and sometimes superior vibe may miss the know-it-alls and the generation that didn’t grow up looking to him as an icon.

From the start it’s evident that Show still has it. The beats are smooth yet hard, precise with street-smart harmonies. The lone assist on the project, aside from Jay Nortey providing the hook on “Another Day”, is fellow Bronx rapper Fred The Godson on “We Love This.” One of the highlights of the project, “We Love This” is the start of The Blastmaster settling into a groove. KRS comes alive, spitting playful nursery rhyme cadences over the sinister sounding track. He is at his best, and his braggadocios energy is contagious.

On songs like “The Truth” and “Running in the Dark”, The Teacha touches on topics to enlighten the masses; he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t. Kris also shines on “Improve Myself” where the fluidity of the track subdues his steady flow. Within “Legendary”, he’s ferocious, finding a cozy spot nestled between Jill Scott’s sampled vocal and Show’s hard-hitting drums.

Some of the cuts, and the album as a whole end a bit abruptly; just as we’re getting comfortable in this space. Ultimately Godsville shows and proves there is a lane in which legendary artists can thrive. The challenge is to find the perfect rate of motion.

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4 Responses to "KRS-One & Showbiz – “Godsville” – @@@ (Review)"
  • Dayz says:

    Man I gotta say a lot of albums have been getting higher ratings on this site and this right here is one of the best Hip Hop albums recently! Made by two of the greats, one emcee and one DJ, real hip hop! Music can evolve and Hip Hop has made many derivations but there is still a formula, like Preemo discussed, just needs to be updated to keep up with the times… This is Hip Hop music in the purest form… Respect due and let’s all celebrate the fact cats like this still make music like this! …Higher rating is so neccessary…

  • Christopher says:

    Really can’t wait to get this album. I see the physical cds have been pushed back to May so I am going to wait. From the couple songs I have heard though it really will bring the 90′s hip hop back into the spotlight.

  • yungplex says:

    Don’t fall for this fockery. This album reps the core values of the holy temple that is hip hop.(yungplex fi di trill top shota lickle bois)

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