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We’ve selected a winner in our monthly “Who Is Top Shotta” contest, which rewards the busiest commenter on the site with a huge grab bag of gear, equipment, and classic HHS promo items. The winner for February-March is….. McNulty!! McNulty and Dayz were close in comments with one another, but McNulty really came through commenting over 100+ times during the course of the month. McNulty will receive a prize package including the following items:

1. 1 Pair of Steel Series Siberia V/2 Pro Gaming Headphones
2. 1 Steel Series 4HD Pro Gaming Mouse Pad
3. 1 Stones Throw / J. Dilla “Turn It Up” T-Shirt Box Set
4. Original Sealed Copies of Pre-Emptive Hype Vol. 1-5 on CD
5. 1 Original Pressing of J-Live – “The Day I Fell Off / Schools In” 7″ single, limited to 500 copies.

Didn’t win this month? Looking to clean up next month? The contest officially starts over immediately. Anyone is eligible to win, all you have to do is comment on the site, and the most active commenter after the 30 day period wins the HHS Swag Bag.

2/17: We’ve given it some thought, and we’ve come to the conclusion that we are going to put out the old HHS promos for your consumption – where we can, at least. Obviously, in some cases, we will not be able to upload certain releases, so we’ll stay away from those. But, there’s a ton of things we can give back out digitally, including Preemptive Hypes, 7-inch singles, bonus CD rips and more. We’re not going to do some gimmicky #doucheytuesdays thing – we’re just going to put them out at random, little by little, until (virtually) everything is out there for you guys.

Now, we want to produce NEW projects in the vein of what we did in the past with all of our favorite labels and artists. Maybe even get Preemptive Hype back off the ground. You’ve seen what we’re capable of, but the only way that’s going to happen is if we get the traffic back in place. So we’re asking for some help on your end with a new contest called “WHO IS TOP SHOTTA?”. Each month, we will award a special HHS Schwag Bag (that’s “schwag”, not “swag”), filled with many of the old, leftover promos from the retail giveaway era, along with some other treats like headphones, computer gear, t-shirts, etc. And let it be known, this is not just leftover junk, there are seriously some crazy promos in here, like test pressings of the 45′s, picture discs, sealed Preemeptive Hype CD’s etc.

That award will go to HHS’s “Top Shotta” of the month. The Top Shotta is the person that commented on the most posts on HHS. We want to rebuild this community and have you guys more involved. And we want quality posts on the comments sections. Not “First” or “Bitch!” ignorance. If you think something is wack, it’s okay to say it (chances are, we probably agree with you). It isn’t going to hurt your chances of being Top Shotta. A lot of you guys chime in with some pretty hilarious shit about the posts and even when it’s negatively slanted, we’re sitting here laughing. But obviously, the same can be said for something that is great – ultimately your comments on sites like this have tremendous power and swaying the direction of the music industry. We’ve seen a paradigm shift in the industry over the last few years, with tons of “internet rappers” signing with major labels / artists. And I’d go as far as to say we wrote the fuckin’ book on internet rap during the indie hip-hop movement. So sound off and be heard!

So we’ll get to ripping for you. To start, you can grab The Professor Meets The Supervillain EP, which we uploaded a few months back. We have a lot of work to do….

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36 Responses to "UPDATE: And The “Who Is Top Shotta” Winner Is….."
  • Dayz says:

    Congrats McNulty! I knew it would come down to you and I. Again thank you to HHS for all you do for Hip Hop, and what great gifts! By the way, as I keep posting here I can’t stop listening to Action Bronson thanks for the heads up on that especially! I agree with what a lot of guys wrote and you definitely need a latest comments link going down the side of screen to make it more inviting and easier for discussions to continue. Again thank you to the staff of HHS! I enjoy being apart of the discussions here!

  • Dayz says:

    Also want to say I have been especially impressed with the quality of comments on here. So many other sites people spam or write ignorant/pointless/hateful comments. Thank you HHS fans for keepin’ it classy! Let’s keep the positivity and constructive criticism goin’!

  • Parisiano says:

    i was readin over other pplz comments
    i really hope you guys keep it on a content level/number of postings
    they have to be somewhat related

    i can post all day “this is good”, “this sucks” and other variations of the sort

    hope it doesnt lead to endless spam comments for post count but man i love this site.. i always find musical goodies when i check posts out.. i love the reviews of albums.. pretty much always agreein wit ur views on them
    mad love HHS

  • A/DC/B says:

    Congratulations McNulty! That is a great prize package. Have that J-Live joint; thanks HHS for pressing it. “School’s In” is my shit.

  • KC says:

    Congrats, McNulty.
    And I echo Dayz’ comment, that the quality of posts has been good, as well. Keep it up, all!

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