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25 March, 2011@11:49 pm
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Jay-Z will be the first artist to share vocals on a song with Sade, on a new remix of her song “The Moon and The Sky”, from The Ultimate Collection, due May 3rd. Sade had previously turned both Jay-Z and Drake down for collaborations, suggesting that hip-hop music just wasn’t her style.

“I’ve never collaborated because I’ve always avoided working outside my safety zone — I can be exactly who I am and can fail or success within the moment,” Sade said in a statement. “I feel safe working like I do. I wouldn’t want to work in a situation where I am expected to deliver because I think I wouldn’t deliver.”

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2 Responses to "Jay-Z Lands First Sade Collaboration"
  • Dayz says:

    If anyone was gonna get Sade to do a collaboration it was gonna be Hov… Jay has transcended from emcee to mogul… All respect to Jay-Z I’m a huge fan of his early work but haven’t really enjoyed an album since the Black Album… Watered down lyrics and flows… Gimme Jigga back or stick to the boardroom at this point… Have a feeling this song is going to be a big yawn…

  • ItsYaBoyEd says:

    The track came out and Dayz hit it on the head, you predicted the future! The track did not live up to hype.

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