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4 April, 2011@5:18 pm

We we’re going to touch this one when the story broke this weekend, as it seemed like nonsensical internet fodder, but the truth has come out. Legendary hip-hop DJ Mister Cee – DJ to both Big Daddy Kane and Biggie Smalls – was arrested on March 30th, on charges of public lewdness and exposure, for *allegedly* being caught in a parked car as a transvestite male performed oral sex on him.

While the allegations seemed far fetched, XXL confirmed the arrest with the NYPD, despite denials by both Cee and Funk Master Flex.

“Please be advised this rumor is not true,” Flex blogged over the weekend. “Stating false allegations about somebody and presenting it as valid information is unethical. Please continue to listen to Mr. Cee everyday at noon Monday through Friday on Hot 97 and”

Cee also touched upon the story via Twitter stating, “Time to get this shit cleared up so make it quick cause i aint feeling this Twitter shit NYPD has a detective squad after all Rappers & DJ’S.”

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10 Responses to "Mister Cee Arrested For Lewd Conduct With Another Man."
  • Tom says:

    Well, it says it was a transvestite, maybe he got fooled. Either way, it doesn’t matter, but if he knew and he is lying about it, he is an idiot trying to make it seem like it’s a police conspiracy. People have to watch their mouths with stupid crap like that, because when the police actually do messed up stuff, we won’t believe the victim, cuz people who can’t accept responsibilities for their actions are too busy lying to try to make themselves seem right.

  • Parisiano says:

    uh oh… he’s gonna lose some fans for this even though its prob not true.. or even if it was.. we shouldnt care… yet ppl will

  • The Doorman says:

    For real, if the brother is gay, then so be it. let that shit ride homie, people are gay in 2011 and it isn’t shocking or taboo anymore.

  • Dayz says:

    Not news y’alls, let the man live and who gives a flyin’ f#@k about how he gets down sexually… Sigh… Hip Hop artist and fans are so homophobic it’s ashame…

  • Rikkytan says:


    :P jk jk it’s not like it affects me…so eh

    Ps: gotta admit the message on his shirt in the pic is kinda hilarious…lol

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