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by Pizzo
13 April, 2011@2:38 am

Kool Keith disses former homies Jacky Jasper and Angel One Management.

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9 Responses to "Kool Keith – “Betrayal”"
  • dave says:

    funniest shit ever. cool beat too

  • Nut Casket The Dirty Fruit Bat says:

    Not bad & Jacky Jasper’s blog does suck. He loves to spread left wing propaganda on there.

  • shaunehunter says:

    Still talkin’ his shit but will he ever put out any thing good again. Jacky Jasper not great but he’s Canadian so I gotta have respect.

    @Nut Casket The Dirty Fruit Bat

    Left wing propaganda? You can’t be a republican and a hip-hop head man.

  • A/DC/B says:

    Can you give us an example Nut Casket?

    I was only around there when a bunch of cats were linking to an article “outing” Guru and Solar. That was enough.

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