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It seemed only natural that eventually the Non-Phixion and Jedi Mind Tricks camps would eventually converge, given both crews’ share a similar obsession for conspiracy theories spread throughout history, not to mention raw, dark beats fashioned after classic, 90′s hip-hop. Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz collaborated on a track called “Heavy Metal Kings” some time back, leading to the eventual collaborative LP of the same name. If you’ve witnessed either artist on any of their respective releases, you know what to expect; and teaming the two of them has arguably released some of their strongest tracks yet.

“Keeper Of The Seven Keys” and “Eye Is King” kick things off, but it’s “Impaled Nazarene” that really settles the album in. Over a ridiculous Middle Eastern inspired track by Grand Finale, it touches upon both an altered history of the life of Christ and that of the Waco Siege, closing out on a chilling note. The psychedelic “Children of God” follows, leading into the ridiculously dope “Blood Meridian”, over a brooding track by DJ Premier protege Gem Crates. Dr. Octagon would be envious.

“Age of Quarrel” also stands out with it’s nefarious piano driven track, as does the posse cut “Metal In Your Mouth” (feat. Slaine and Q-Unique), with both tracks helmed by Jack of All Trades. But the crown jewel of them all goes to the most experienced producer of them all, DJ Muggs, on “Leviathan (The Spell of Kingu)”. Besides being one of the illest tracks of the record, it seals the deal with a classic Wu-Tang sample on the hook, which we won’t spoil here.

The music of both Jedi Mind Tricks and Non-Phixion is an acquired taste, and is not for everybody.
That said, some may find the relentless pace of the album a little overbearing, given the formula of rhymes by Bill and Vinnie, meshed with sixteen bludgeoning beats. But for those that like it raw, it’s pure satisfaction. And what else would you expect from an album called Heavy Metal Kings?

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15 Responses to "Ill Bill + Vinnie Paz – “Heavy Metal Kings” – @@@@ (Review)"
  • Dayz says:

    While I enjoy JMT (mainly for Stoupe’s production rather than Vinnie’s rah rah lyrics which can get monotonous and agitating)and Ill Bill definitely has some nice songs out there I just can’t listen to this… Way too angry and abrasive for my tastes these days… Maybe if I were in High School now I would be moshin’ and kickin’ the crap outta stuff listening to this… But on the flip side I love the anger and passion in the Demigodz album and I dig a lot of the Army of the Pharoahs songs so I don’t know??? This just wasn’t for me…

  • qbd1 says:

    Yo. Fall back son. This shit is ILL. Abrasive? What the fuck, you talkin about ILL BILL and VINNIE PAZ! Of course they abarasive, they are not pussies. I was afraid myself the beats would be too guitar-like and metal-like…but in fact they are quite dusty and stringy. If you know what I mean. PLUS, the rhymes are off the hook. If you can catch all the references, if you’re versed in that kind of spiritual knowledge, then you really in for an earful. This album gets 5 mics from me. Just because you can’t get music this good/original/consistent/honest anymore.

    The Wu-Tang sample he’s talking about in the review is GZA’s “guns are drawn/ clips are loaded / and then blood floods the lawn” —- SICK.

  • Dayz says:

    @qbd1, I hear ya and I thought I made it clear that I respect this but it ain’t for me. I have to be in a real angry/shitty mood for this style. Now when I am pissed this kinda background music is perfect but to chill out after a long day of bustin’ my ass at work and handling family responsiblities I don’t need to spaz out with records like this… No disrespect but where I am at in life I don’t need all the anger and rage… Call me an old head if you will but like I said if I were a teenager right now I’d be blasting this out the car stereo with my middle finger out the window! I just have calmed down and my preference in music has calmed down too…

  • stylesc says:

    this is off the hook, why you got to say something negative, and you don’t have a real point. qdb1 i feel you on this shit man!

  • Derek Bird says:

    Another boring apocalyptic Whiteboy rap album which sounds just like all the other conspiracy-theory Whiteboy rap albums. It’s doomsday-rap-by-numbers. No subtlety, no wit and no real content: just two honkies ranting about nothing. A very one-note, one-trick album. @@.

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