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26 April, 2011@4:56 am

He calls Jay-Z a “crumb” in this video. At least according to the real Illuminati.

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3 Responses to "Prodigy of Mobb Deep On The Illuminati"
  • Skins says:

    Listening to Prodigy talk is an indictment of the public school system.

    Stick to rapping P.

  • Dayz says:

    I like to read conspiracy theories from time to time but Hip Hoppers are so silly with this Jay-Z Illuminati bullshat! Jay may have sold his soul to Corporate America but the Illuminati I think not!

  • Dr Vincy says:

    N-ggas couldn’t do nothing with me
    they put the devil on me
    I would have preferred if n-ggas squeeze the metal on me
    Rumours of Lucifer
    I don’t know who to trust
    whole world want my demise turn my music up
    here me clearly, if y’all niggas fear me
    just say y’all fear me
    f-ck all these fairy tales
    go to hell
    This is God engineering
    This is a Hail Mary pass,
    y’all interfering
    he without sin shall cast the first stone
    so y’all look in the mirror
    double check your appearance
    b-tch I said I was amazing
    Not that I’m a Mason
    It’s amazing that I made it though the maze that I was in
    Lord forgive me I never would’ve made it without sin
    lyrics courtesy of
    Holy water my face in the basin
    Diamonds in my Rosary shows He forgave him
    B-tch I’m red hot, I’m on my third six but the devil I’m not
    My Jesus peice flooded but thou shall not covet
    keep your eyes off my cupboard I’m a bad motherf-cker
    it’s HOV
    just say you love it

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