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27 April, 2011@12:04 am

While Das Racist has announced their debut album to be called Relax, a recent series of Tweets suggests otherwise. According to the group’s official twitter, they have 18 tracks finished, and “7 or so more to wrap up”, and they may make it a double album debut called Swate Suit. The album, whatever it may be called, is to be released by Greedhead Recording Label / MRI / Megaforce / Sony / Red Distribution is due August 16th.

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4 Responses to "Das Racist To Release Double LP On August 16th?"
  • TomL says:

    Anyone on here even listens to this cat?

  • ItsYaBoyEd says:

    Thier a group out of Cali i think, their pretty jokes. They got some nice tracks.

  • Dayz says:

    I peeped their videos on youtube, some creative stuff their but I wouldn’t be bumpin their music on the regular, more of a novelity act if you ask me… No hate but not really for me… Also double LPs never seem to be that good no matter who does them, I am looking at you Nas and Wu-Tang… Usually they could be condensed into one tight album and cut the filler tracks.

  • These guys get so much love in the press and with the Hipster kids (Im looking at you Pizzo) that I tried to give them a listen but I couldnt do it. I agree they sound like a novelty act and this might be my inner racist coming out (I am kidding of course) but everytime I see an interview or video of them I feel the need to shower. They take that dirty looking hipster stylo to the next level. Not my cup of tea.

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