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The last time this reviewer spent a lot of time with Tyga’s music he was a kid singing about “Coconut Juice,” “Aim,” “Cartoonz,” and “Summertime.” The Compton native’s 2008 album, No Introduction, made when he was only 18, wasn’t great, but it was fun. He was a kid, making music for other kids.

A few years later, signed to Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money label, he’s making mixtapes about his Black Thoughts, popping pills, pouring expensive alcohol on a woman’s head and putting a sign on his private that reads, “bad bitches owe me.”

At 21, Tyga has not aged gracefully.

Black Thoughts 2 is a mixtape with two halfs—one almost comically banal, the other surprisingly…meaningful?

Imagine this reviewer’s surprise when—after taking a break from Black Thoughts 2 from the fatigue of listening to back-to-back-to-back songs titled, “Bad Bitches,” “Drink the Night Away” and “Lap Dance”—he came back to a lovely guitar-tinged gem, “Reminded” featuring Adele.

And then on “Involved,” hearing lines like, “both want to be involved, but love like suicide.”

Lyrically, Tyga is hardly the second coming of Rakim and KRS-One, but his flow and voice are compelling. And on the second half, both musically and to an extent, lyrically, he seems to finally slow down to reflect on the pure stupidity and debauchery of the first act of the mixtape.

Are we getting the various shades of gray that make up Tyga? Or is this just a young artist trying to figure out how he’s going to market himself?

As all over the place as Black Thoughts 2 is, there is something going on. He’s not just partying and drinking, he’s taking Ambien and saying he will “Never Be the Same” since the money, cars and fame came his way.

Black Thoughts 2 is certainly not good, but it is kind of interesting, because we seem to be listening more to a confused young man than to a young don sitting on top of the world with all the trappings of stardom.

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5 Responses to "Tyga – “Black Thoughts 2 (Mixtape)” – @@@ (Review)"
  • TomL says:

    This guy is so weak he shouldn’t even be present in the same sentence as rakim. What’s the point to even compare the two?

    That’s like saying that “Ghetto revival” fool from the white rapper show is no eminem.

    Rick Ross is no biggie.

    2 live crew is no 3 6 mafia.

    Freak nasty is no Tupac.

    Hope I made a point… simply saying he’s wack drives the point much better.

  • Yeah i was never a fan especially off hearing his 1st album and the “Fan of a Fan” mixtape with Chris Brown…and this review did not incline me to even give this new series a listening too…i’ll do my eardrums a favor and pass on anything Tyga related hahaha…

  • Huey says:

    This ish is azz!!! It REALLY pains me how dudes like this get ANY type of shine and are propped up like they’re doin’ Hip-Hop… I know HHS has to cover crap like this because there are “other” forms of the game, but damn… I guess we can’t get quality over quantity, huh???

  • ItsYaBoyEd says:

    This guy has to find his own identity and do what he wants. He seems all over the place. The route he is taking now his a road to failure. He may make money because of Lil Wayne backing him but after one album he’s going no where.

  • khordkutta says:

    “2 live crew is no 3 6 mafia.”

    I prefer 2 live crew, but hey Im old

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