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29 April, 2011@6:15 pm

Odd Future frontman, Tyler The Creator, sits down with PSL, to talk about the lyrics of Yonkers, his musical influences, and growing up fatherless.

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10 Responses to "Tyler The Creator Interview With PSL"
  • Soba 8L says:

    Yeah I agree with Leilani all the way. People are fucking stupid nowadays. They over-look everything and don’t get shit unless it’s explained.

  • chris says:

    too all those who dont like odd future and wrote these comments…..u fear and dont like wat u dont understand… but as for me am 18 and this iz wat tha problem kids in my generation listen too because we can relate and understand..its cuz my generation iz tha kids that has no that are depress…kids that chosse to relax there mind with drugs… we are tha kids that are suffrin because the generations ahead of us dont understand us…and just cuz we choose to live are life doing wat we want and not given a fuck bout tha haters (you) u feel like we are a treat….and we are…O F all day

  • chris says:

    i ment threat lls

  • Jess says:

    Quit your bitching. The videos don’t work so I don’t know what he has to say about his lyrics and really it’s not that important. But frankly I wouldnt call him a “lyrical genius” but he is very creative. Mostly, his music is overrated. I just like his charisma.

  • Mike says:

    I think Tyler has some awesome lyrics and beats but differ from
    Chris cause it’s not like generations before us didn’t have fathers. This shit is relevant because it is written now and it is well written but don’t act like we are the first ones to understand it

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