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29 April, 2011@6:15 pm

Odd Future frontman, Tyler The Creator, sits down with PSL, to talk about the lyrics of Yonkers, his musical influences, and growing up fatherless.

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10 Responses to "Tyler The Creator Interview With PSL"
  • TomL says:

    When I heard the first two beats coming in I thought it was going to be the hard knock life beat… lol… but then it got kinda wack, unless you’re a tight jean wearing new school internet rapper

  • Huey says:

    TOTALLY agree!!! I NEVER understood why the industry sweats them… It’s modern day Horror-Core Rap at best, (or worse)… I really wasn’t feelin’ that style then, and I’m DEFINITELY not feelin’ it now… Besides that Earl Sweatshirt dude who can spit some decent bars, these guys are clown shoes!!!

  • Dayz says:

    co-sign above statements… Not sure what the appeal is… If I wanted anything remotely like this I’ll go back and bump Gravediggaz… These guys are getting their 15 minutes of fame but I cannot honestly believe they will be relevant for much longer…

  • Bobby says:

    This is from Swedish TV……

  • Leilani says:

    You guys are obviously fuckin deaf or blind. Get your heads our of your asses. Odd Future are the first people in a long time to spit the way they really feel. Everyone over analyzes what they do. They just do what they want. That’s it. Fuck you. Fuck you for not giving them an honest chance. People like you are the reason that the shit on the charts and the radio SUCK. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Flog Gnaw! 666 Tripssixcrew.

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