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Uh, wow. Justin Bieber jumped on stage with Chris Brown to perform “Look At Me Now” in Sydney, Australia. He performed Busta’s ridiculous verse with surprising accuracy, then delivered an exclusive verse of his own. Not bad, kid.

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0 Responses to "Bieber Does Busta's "Look At Me Now" Verse"
  • TomL says:

    I can force and try as hard as possible… but can’t share the same enthusiasm as this one’s concerned

  • hahaha i think it was the hype-ness of the crowd really…they were going BANANAS and COCONUTS!!! hahaha thats what really made it dope to me…

  • k4nc3r says:

    I don’t care if fucking Justin Bieber can recite Illmatic from memory while doing backflips. This shit is not something to raise your eyebrow over and post on a site devoted to hip hop.

  • D-bo says:

    Beaver is corny. If you like any of his shit and you are over 15 years old YOU are corny. I’m hating on Beaver and his entire poppy genre of music. And so what if people hate on shit anyways? Voice your opinion if you like or don’t like something. If you don’t you can consider yourself a pussy.

    HHS, do yourselves a favor and keep it hiphop. This shit is mad corny.

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