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Slug from Atmosphere talks with Karmaloop discussing being independent, new blood in hip-hop, and boycotting cocaine.

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0 Responses to "Slug: "Lil B / Odd Future Are Important To This Movement""
  • Joshua says:

    This is an interesting story. I wonder what Tom L thinks about this…

  • TomL says:

    Labels are nonsense at this point and yeah up until your college years (maybe a bit after as well) we all want to fit in and will hang out with people that do nothing but hold us back… that’s human nature though.

    As to the new groups experimenting with different sounds/ genres/ tight pants… it’s all good to do that if the end result is good music. Unfortunately it’s not most of the time and we got hyped up garbage that backs itself with hip hop without adding anything to it.

    I’m not against cocaine, it’s called evolution where the weakest and dumbest die out. Let them do their thing… as to the preaching… at the end that’s exactly what he did, did anyone else feel he connected with them?

    Atmosphere album was still nice

  • Dayz says:

    I for one wish more Hip Hop artists did “get preachy” a bit more… Most of these so-called artists do nothing but perpetuate negativity and ignorance… The youth is being mislead by most of the Hip Hop they hear on the radio and mtv/bet/vh1 etc… And I agree we need new, young, innovate artists but Odd Future and Lil B are not the ones to carry the torch sorry… They suck… The young cats I look to are dudes like Brother Ali, Blu, Fashawn and J. Cole. These artist bring quality and creativity to this stagnant artform… There will always be great Hip Hop underground but we need cats like those to rise up and be the voice of the real Hip Hop movement not this commericalized-sold-it’s-soul-to-the-devil/the man crap that dominates the airwaves and polutes the minds of the youth… Most “Rap/Hip Pop/Club Hop” I hear is absolutely horrible and I for one would not want my kids listening to this trash… Props to Slug for speaking knowledge to the people! New Atmosphere album is incredible and those that are poo poo’n it are just too immature to get it… Word.

  • TomL says:

    There’s nothing wrong with being preachy as long as you connect or do it in a way where the people think that they are making their own choice.

    Otherwise it feels as if the man is trying to control them once again… and I remember myself being a teen (that would not happen, I’d do the opposite just for the sake of doing it or to prove a point).

  • Dayz says:

    Yeah I feel you… The connection has to be made first for the knowledge to be passed on, respected and learned from… It’s just ashame that so many of these so-called artists are so irresponsible and promote such negitive things… But unfortunately many of them are ignorant and uneducated themselves so what can you expect from them but to continue the cycle??? Ignorance plays a big part in the Hip Hop these days and honestly if I were a teen or younger (I started listening to Hip Hop when I was 7) today I probably would hate this music and be listening to indie rock or something…

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