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“As a producer you always want to progress your sound and you always want to try to improve on what you’re doing already.” – Illmind, Behind the Curtain with Illmind

Illmind’s latest project is just that; twenty-two tracks that push his signature sound to its limits. A nod to author and neurologist Oliver Sacks, M.D.’s theories on music, sounds and the way our brains interpret them, Behind The Curtain impacts the musical mind with his distinct techniques and style of production. Studies have proven visual and auditory illusions as possible effects of music on the brain. On your first listen at Behind The Curtain, you may get a glimpse of the future.

“I come from the school of chopping samples and using break beats from vinyl.”

Illmind takes these seminal elements of hip hop and mixes them with sound effects straight from the cosmos to compose a cutting edge sound with a classic foundation. You can particularly hear these components in “Rapid Fire” and “Big Idea” where brisk drum loops keep the pace and mingle with what could be sound bites from outer space.

While the album as a whole feels dark and mysterious, some tracks evoke a mixture of emotions, presumably led by our auditory signals turned neuro-chemical impulses. On “Blue Paint”, the electronic bassline and light and airy melody evoke the tranquility of Pancho Abalo’s album art. On the flipside, the sinister sounding “Mugshots” makes you feel like you just took one. Overall the quality of the soundscape is undeniable; mixed to crisp perfection.

“I produce music that inspires me, whether it’s a major artist… or an underground, unknown cat whose got skills who I see potential in.”

Also notable, is that Illmind is providing his own sounds to the consumer. Along with the album, producers and DJs gain access to the drums, effects, bass and keyboard sounds used to create it. That he’s offering this to fellow producers speaks not only to his innovative nature, but to his confidence in the perfection of his craft. It’s not often that a producer shares his secrets in this fashion. We’ve got a feeling that by the time anyone comes close to replicating his sound, he’ll be on to his next progression.

In association with TWV.

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0 Responses to "Illmind – "Behind The Curtain" – @@@@ (Review)"
  • luke says:

    I just listened to all the snippets for this album, and they sound really good. I might have to get this album.

  • DJ Hector V says:

    Always looking forward to new ILLmind ish, gotta peep it!

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