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Not exactly the Jay Elec return we’ve been waiting for, but should be interesting nonetheless.

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0 Responses to "Lil B Reveals Collaborative EP With Jay Electronica Coming"
  • McNulty says:

    Are you kidding me!!! Lil B probably just did a huge line of coke and running off at the mouth. NO WAY Electronica is taking the time to do a full EP with this clown (ELectronica cant even make an EP for himself, and now he’s gonna team up with “I’m Gay”!?)

  • TomL says:

    Let’s see… but my interest level has lowered a bit

  • sevechild says:

    I find it hard to believe Jay Elec would waste time on something like this, but at the same time I think he would welcome yet another distraction from actually releasing a debut album.

    Reel him in and get him in the studio, Hov.

  • Well now you see why us in the bay area love Based God…he’s all over the place and phucks with everyone!!! No wonder he’s GAY!!! o_O pun intended hahaha

  • Dayz says:

    I concur while all my peeps above…

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