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10 May, 2011@7:16 pm

Because of the above video, Fox News blasted Michelle Obama for inviting Common to the White House for a poetry event. The story, which reads “Michelle Obama Hosting Vile Rapper at White House?” calling Common “quite controversial” (?) because of politically charged statements said in an episode of Def Poetry Jam. Clearly, the ace reporters at Fox News are otherwise unfamiliar with Common’s music or message.

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14 Responses to "Fox News Refers To Common As "Vile Rapper""
  • KC says:

    If you haven’t seen the Daily Show piece on this, go find it. Up until Jon Stewart tried to rap (which, you had to know was coming), it’s both spot-on and hilarious. I’m unenrolled as far as political party is concerned, but it’s times like this I’m at least glad I live on the East Coast instead of those parts middle America, where some people actually think this way. (some, not all – I’m not painting everyone with the same brush)

  • darootsfan80 says:

    It’s not that the people at Fox News are ignorant, they’re quite intelligent actually. Think about it…they rely on the ignorance of their viewers to just toss whatever they want out there, knowing that their naive viewers will just believe it. Now that’s what I call brilliant…LOL! Although, to be fair…he did go pretty hard at Ice Cube on “B*tch In You”, which is O’Reilly’s favorite song if I’m not mistaken. ;)

  • khordkutta says:

    “Skee-Lo maybe?”

    Real talk and funny as hell to me…My cousin Married Skee-Lo

  • nickwolf says:

    most people today, even the intelligent ones, aint got shit to do with themselves. i bet they try and Luda him by backing ozzy to go to the white house. they would be all for that shit

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