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15 May, 2011@6:39 am

Philly emcee Cassidy was arrested for Saturday May 14th in Hackensack, New Jerseyfor violating his probation, but is apparently also suspected in a murder two attempted murders in Philly. According to sources:

The Philadelphia Police warrant squad reached out to Hackensack Police Department to inform them that Cassidy, who lives in the Jersey city, had a warrant out for his arrest. They notified the squad that Cassidy was considered armed and dangerous and that it was a high-risk warrant.Police were dispatched and followed Cassidy as he went to a local convenience store, confirming his identity and conducting a felony motor vehicle stop. Hackensack police Lt. Timothy Lloyd commended the officers for doing “an outstanding job,” and claimed that Cassidy was “very surprised” that he was arrested.


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0 Responses to "Rapper Cassidy Arrested"
  • nickwolf says:

    he lives what he spit, i guess. he’d be a fake if he didnt do the dirt he spits lol but if hes as hard as what he spits, then he wouldnt get caught, right? riiiight…

  • capt'n backslap says:

    dude got more arrests than hits…

  • Skins says:

    Word from his lawyer is that it’s just a probation violation, the probation the result of the murder/attempted murders from back in ’05, not a new murder and more attempted murders. We’ll see….

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