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Off General Monks (Planet Asia & TriState) first LP Each Step Becomes Elevated, coming May 31st, 2011.

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LISTEN: General Monks (Planet Asia + Tristate) – “Trouble”

General Monks (Planet Asia + Tristate) – “Trouble”

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0 Responses to "General Monks (Planet Asia + Tristate) – "Trouble""
  • TomL says:

    it’s tough to be objective and excited with so much material coming out these days

    this was allright though

  • Dayz says:

    @TomL, You bring up a subject I wanted to discuss with all of you: this is what sucks about the internet in my book. I mean back in the day you had to wait for the next issue of the Source to find out what’s coming out or buy an actual mixtape (tape not cd) to hear about new material, then had to wait patiently until the album was released, then ACTUALLY BUY it, listen to it all the way through, study/dissect/discuss the lyrics and production, read the liner notes and look at the pictures… Now we are so bombard with new material I can’t keep up… I got albums for 6 months ago I haven’t listened to yet… The internet is such a gift and a curse… I just don’t get as excited about music anymore cause it’s all disposable, it’s like fast food now… I mean it’s click, stream a song listen to 5 seconds and then on to the next one! I wish we could go back to the simpler times!

  • DJ Hector V says:

    @ Dayz….I agree 100%!!!
    The magic of “new material” is def gone, like in the 90s I remember counting down the days until the “tuesday” when a new LP was coming out that I was so anxious to cop! Going to the store right after school to get it, and liek you said, going home tearing off the plastic (on either cassette or cd), bumping it while admiring the art work & reading the credits….damn I miss that feeling!! Pure Nostalgia that unfortunetly the new generation will never experience!

  • TomL says:


    That’s what’s up. Even though I like and am feeling a certain track… it’s hard to find time to re-listen to it again and really digg in there to see whether it’s as dope as it seemed via the first listen.

    The source was a good example (unsigned hype especially) where you would search out some of these guys on vinyl. Get the cd, maybe even grab the lyrics of the net in case of someone that was over your head like busta or lord have mercy.

    Look at the cover, zone out and really let the lyrics of biggie or guru (gang star) days grab you… it’s not the same and it’s not just the age. I see kids now nodding to the stupidest beats, repeat a phrase/hook… get the ringtone and ask what’s next the next day.

    I remember going back to listen to an album like outkast after a couple months, lay down with my headphones on and go through the entire album… no skipping tracks.

    Those days are gone though…

  • Dayz says:

    @ TomL, those days are gone indeed… At least I got to live and be apart of the Hip Hop culture through the 80s and the Golden Age! It was a great time to grow up and be apart of something special! Still got my Fat Boys, UTFO, Whodini, etc tapes and my first Kangol and dookie chain my aunt got me for my 9th birthday!

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