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20 May, 2011@8:14 pm

Well, with the end of the world just hours away, Sage Francis decided to finally come up off of this demo of “Crumble” from the A Healthy Distrust LP. He writes:

Since a crazy old evangelist named Harold Camping bought a bunch of ad space on billboards and buses declaring that the end of the world is scheduled to happen tomorrow, everyone seems to be getting as much entertainment out of it as possible. Rightfully so. But ya know…what IF?? I mean really….WHAT…IF?!?!?! I’m trying desperately to get into the mood, so to celebrate the end of the world I’ve decided to share the demo version of my “Crumble” song which was recorded for my “A Healthy Distrust” album back in 2005. People who are familiar with the album version will be surprised to hear the drums (I still think sound strange which is why they were ultimately removed) along with a bonus verse previously unheard.

“They’ve said it every year, but this time it seems like…the end IS near and I’m in line to see the light.”

There are a couple reasons why we removed the second verse on the AHD version. Once I removed the drums and built the “chorus” into more of a crescendo, it just made sense to have “Crumble” blend into the next song rather than revert back to another verse with no drums. Not only that, but I was already writing “Going Back to Rehab” which uses a similar phrasing about my eyes looking like sunsets. So…there you go. And here you are.


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0 Responses to "Sage Francis – "Crumble (Demo)""
  • TomL says:

    This wasn’t bad… I used to like some of his older material

  • Dayz says:

    This was pretty good! I never really listened to this cat but some of my friends are huge fans I just never gave his music a chance.

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