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23 May, 2011@11:49 pm

Pittsburgh rap star Wiz Khalifa and legendary Hip Hop producer Ski Beatz crossed paths in London this week and caught up at the K West hotel for a chat, captured by SoulCulture TV, discussing how they first met and came to work together on “Scaling The Building” with Curren$y, from Ski’s 2010 album 24 Hour Karate School.

“It’s like Jay-Z — When I first met Jigga then the whole wave started happening, the next thing you know he’s ‘Jay-Z.’ Now I’m looking at this kid like ‘Ok, it’s Wiz,’ but now it’s Wiz Khalifa,” Ski Beatz reflects, going on to quiz Wiz about how he feels he has grown musically across his three albums to date, dealing with internet hate/criticism, whether his tree-filled lyrics encourage his listeners to smoke weed and what impact his need to “re-create and stay brand new’ has on his fanbase.

Filmed & Edited by: Andres Albert x Versetti

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0 Responses to "Ski Beatz Interviews Wiz Khalifa"
  • TomL says:

    Wiz’s career is over ever since I lost interest in black and yellow

  • yeah Wiz’s career may have stalled slightly for some but SKI BEATS career as a journalist looks promising hahaha no lie but SKI gots the gift of gab hahaha

  • Dayz says:

    I just can’t get into Wiz’s music… He is just not that good… If I want Pittsburg rap I’ll listen to his homie Mac Miller any day!

  • @Dayz: hahaha you mean pittsburg(H) hahaha im from Pittsburg CA and we say the other pittsburgh(PA)is full of haters thats why they end it with an H hahaha but anyways i think what happened to Wiz is the same thing that happened to DRAKE, and all these other super hyped and promoted artist is that their were and are tooo many hands in the pot controlling which directions the album needs to go in…Its sad how the “industry” could easily destory an artists creative process….

  • Dayz says:

    @Artie, LOL! Didn’t know about the “h” fiasco between the rival cities! LOL! Agreed that too many cooks spoil the soup and you’re probably right about artists like these…

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