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As several members of the Wu Tang Clan touched down in the UK last week for their nationwide tour [catch their final two dates in Edinburgh on June 14 and Manchester on June 15], SoulCulture TV sat down with the legendary Method Man for a chat — watch below as he gives his thoughts on Odd Future, the media comparisons kicking around likening the West Coast group to Wu-Tang, and their likeably “weird” front-man Tyler, the Creator, in particular for his song “Yonkers.”

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0 Responses to "Method Man Speaks On Odd Future Vs. Wu-Tang Comparisons"
  • sevechild says:

    Most larger groups (like Outsidaz, JM or D12) are recognizable because of a co-sign by a bigger name. Wu-Tang literally came out of nowhere and now Odd Future is doing the same thing. I think that, along with the sheer number of members and the perceived talent that each member brings is where the comparisons are coming from.

    As a die-hard Wu fan, I think the comparisons are ludicrous, but I understand where they come from to a certain extent.

    When something new comes along, its inevitable that people will make comparisons. You see it in music all the time as well as sports. It’s easier to compare to something established that everyone knows than it is to come up with new analysis as to why they are different. It’s not much more than lazy journalism.

  • khordkutta says:

    Questlove, mentioned he thought OF was WU like.

  • Dayz says:

    Yawn… First Nas and now Meth is giving them props too!?! I don’t believe it for a minute but somehow Odd Future has a stranglehold on the media and artists which I cannot explain? OF will never be a new WU! I agree with Sevenchild on the origins of the comparisons. I want a big-time/popular emcee like a Jay-Z or Kanye to come out in public and say f#$k Odd Future you suck go away! I really hope that happens soon!

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