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14 June, 2011@3:34 am

Not surprisingly, Tom L nabbed the Top Shotta honor for May 2011, once again, commenting on the site the most out of any user, over 580 times. Yeah, we are shocked as well. Tom L will receive the following package of promotional goodies from the HHS archive:

1. Mr. Lif – “Santa’s Got A Motherfuckin’ Uzi” Head-Shaped Picture Disc Vinyl
2. DJ Shadow + Cut Chemist – “Freeze” DVD
3. Swollen Members – “Freak Fantastic” 7″ Test Pressing
4. J-Live – “The Day I Fell Off” 7″ Single
5. Reflection Eternal – “Back Again” original CD single
6. Lords Of The Underground – “Chief Rocka” original CD single
7. DJ Pizzo – “She’s The Model, I’m The DJ” Mix CD (Lucky you!)
8. Preemptive Hype Vol. 4-9 on CD

Who will take the crown from TomL in June?

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0 Responses to "Who Is May 2011 Top Shotta? TomL"
  • TomL says:

    Gotta love this crowd, seems more people are getting into conversations with each week which is great.

    The goodie bag looks tight but I almost forgot about the top shotta as the 1st of the month passed a while back.

    The reign of terror shall continue… hopefully someone de-thrones me soon or pizzo will run out of new stuff to send me and have to go buy me that mf doom lunch box instead

  • khordkutta says:

    TomL… you need a job and or kids!!! LOL

  • Dayz says:

    Congrats TomL, I tried again this month but I just couldn’t keep up! LOL @ khordkutta! I was gonna say the same thing! Yeah definitely cool that more peeps are getting involved on a regular basis. …Hey did you ever get the first goodie bag? Just curious…

  • DJ Pizzo says:

    Hit me at

  • TomL says:

    @khordkutta – I got both and still have time to do my p90x, watch some TV and do some music production… its all about time management

    @Dayz – First goodie bag came, kind of late but it came. I thought you were going to take it this month for sure

    @DJ Pizzo – will do

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