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Original suspect in the 1994 shooting and robbery of Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios in NYC, Dexter Isaac, has come forth admitting to the crime, which found Pac surviving, after being shot five times. He also alleges that Jimmy Henchmen paid him $2500 to do it, and suggests he still has Pac’s original chain that was stolen in the robbery. Already serving a life sentence for other crimes, Isaacs apologized to the families of both 2Pac and Biggie and suggested that he would bring closure to the mothers of both rappers at a later time. The confession comes after a thirteen year silence from Isaac’s, who was named as a “government informant” by Henchman, following Henchman’s recent arrest on drug charges.

Source: AHH

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0 Responses to "Jimmy Henchman Ordered Hit On 2Pac, Alleged Shooter Confesses"
  • McNulty says:

    Lets not be too quick to believe the word of a career criminal, who just HAPPENS to make this revelation right after Henchmen becomes out of pocket on drug charges.

  • hahaha Pizzo’s BEEN gangsta hahaha but yeah what a shame that we lost 2 of hip hop’s biggest artists for nothing…sad sad day and Jimmy Henchmen is NOW the scum of the earth!!! i hope for only bad things for that man but i guess karma has already struck him….

  • Tom says:

    This has nothing to do with his murder. This was the robbery he got shirt the first time.

  • Rizzo says:

    Maybe we can pool together $2500 and get him to kill Solar

  • @Tom: The robbery caused the snowball effect which we all know as the “East Coast/ West Coast beef”…if Jimmy Henchmen never ordered the robbery im 99.9% sure Tupac or Biggie or both would still be alive today…

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