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While we’ve seen just about every 2Pac verse recycled into a Bruce Hornsby sampled remix, here’s a pair of newly uncovered dis tracks from the slain rapper. Pac goes hard at Biggie, Nas, Wendy Williams, De La Soul (!), Dr. Dre on “Watch Ya Mouth”, and shots are fired with DPG at Biggie, Mobb Deep, Jeru The Damaja, A Tribe Called Quest (?), and others on “NY 87″. Listen below….

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

LISTEN: 2Pac – “Watch Your Mouth”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

LISTEN: 2Pac – “NY 87″ (feat. Dogg Pound)

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44 Responses to "New 2Pac Dis Tracks Surface, Aimed at ATCQ, Jeru, De La, Nas, and More"
  • Lucas says:

    @ TomL

    What are you talking about, saying Pac “yapped like a chihuahua at everything that moved”? I suppose you like it better when rappers make subliminal disses and stab their foes in the back while acting real peaceful in public.

    It seems after all those years, Tupac is still too real to handle for some.

  • i'm at work and bored says:


    So, you saying I should “channel that anger and make somethings incredibly solid?”

    okay, I think I’ll go film 3 movies, make the FIRST DOUBLE Hip-Hop album EVER, sell 5 Mil in 6 months and become arguably the Greatest Hip Hop Emcee of all time.
    While pissin on my competition


    This is some funny shit. Pac got set up/shot up by his friends, stuck in jail, EVERYBODY talking shit about him and he’s the bad guy for defending himself and everything he worked so hard for?

    Biggie was talented but dude was the biggest phony. he grew up in a nice house, went to private school and used to bag groceries at local corner bodega. he never sold drugs and got arrested for “trying to feed his daughter”

    that is why there is no mug shot of B.I.G. anywhere because it doesnt exist.

  • RussA says:

    Ready to Die was 3x better than Life After Death…too much Puffy influence wit singing and junk…All Eyez on Me was much better than Life After Death…sorry TomL, Pac was overall more well-rounded,had more styles, and had many more topics that had upliftment involved than Big..Pac was better-from an East Coast Boaw from Philly!!!!!!

  • TomL says:

    This is a hard discussion because both of those artists were really good and “fake” at the same time but it seems its still about who’s better, greatest and really boils down to the coast that you associate with

  • HIP HOP died n 96 :( says:

    cee jay z talk shit bout pac subl msg and yell out how he the greates and his fans would go on to say the same thang but that coward wasn’t NO BODY wen pac was a alive but a lil nig hangn round big. (Txs fo life) u right man dude was like 385,000 MAY B 400,000 n that time but he wana go and take me & my girlfriend and make it hss on. COWERD. bigie was a COWERD to . . All he had to do was say “yo pac I no who did it (shot u) he stay right here & dss hss name I owe atleast that to u after all u did fa me homes ” but big new puff was n it & puff say big? Shut the hell up. that’s y big ain’t neva make no dss like pac hit em up cause he new he was wrong. bet u puffy was behind all dat . Gon off dat coke talkn wit. haitan jack bout how pac turned down bad boy. puff wanted pac bad! On the label and bigie won’t shyn if pac was stil alive there’s all ways a master mine behind somthn and bet puff was part of it (shooting) pac was young , mad , I bet lil hurt frome all of dat, and the first chance he got to b free? ON & POPN. Hit em up ain’t get them both shot like flex would say ? Bigie not being a real friend to hss older bra (pac) and teln him wat hapend is wat got both of dem killed. I won’t fagive big fa dat cause he was wrong after all pac did fa him. . . Pac was neva jealous of big he showed big so much love wen thy freestyle to gether? Pac was laughfing and smileing at how nice big was. Big? Ain’t even freestyle his rap was ritten down trying to take some of pac shyn on camara he a phony as dude man. Pac brought him on stage n front of his fans! Pac was hss hyp man! And showed him how to right beter! And u can’t tell me who shot me? ITS ON. Yaw east nigas is jus on big dick to tight big started seling ten mil records wen he! Died. Pac was dam near there alive . Pac is the great and will all ways b the great. R.I.P king makaveli

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