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On paper, the concept of a posse LP featuring underground fan favorites Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, and emcee/producer Black Milk on one album together sounds like a no-brainer. That’s exactly what we get with Random Axe, a team-up of the three artists, presented by Duck Down.

However being that the three each have their own distinct sound and style, the crew certainly lives up to it’s name, in this seemingly randomly selected super-group. Black Milk’s production here is extra raw, as songs like “The Hex” and “Understand This” defy mainstream conformity, with abrasive loops and intricately chopped drum breaks. “Everybody Nobody Somebody” also stands out, as each emcee builds their verse around a word in the title, while “Chewbacca” invites Roc Marciano to spar with the fellas, on a track that salutes the famous Wookie from it’s first line.

The non-conformist attitude of the lyrics and unprecedented rawness of the production will certainly appeal to heads’ that are tired of the cookie-cutter formulas in hip-hop. However, we’ve seen many other albums over the years take a similar approach, but with better execution. Not to mention, the standard these artists set on their own projects is a challenge to live up to, whether it be Heltah Skeltah’s Nocturnal or Black Milk’s Album Of The Year. Another issue is that the emcees aren’t quite equally yoked; Sean being the strongest, who seems to be holding back at times, in hopes to not overshadow his crew.

So while Random Axe may have somewhat of a Firm-like disappointment hovering above it, it still provides satisfaction in small doses. Given that today’s hip-hop is merely a shell of what it used to be, many will enjoy it for what it is.

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16 Responses to "Sean Price, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson – "Random Axe" – @@@1/2 (Review)"
  • McNulty says:

    This CD was mediocre, straight up. The production is good, but very repetitive. All of the beats and rhymes are pretty good, but nothing special, in my opinion. It also doesnt help that the thing is so short. And with any collaboration album, no single MC gets to really flesh out his ideas, or establish himself to be noticed. I woulda rated this thing @@@, it’s already outta rotation for me

  • sevechild says:

    This is a @@@@ for me. Black Milk has made a case for top 5 producer in the game right now, and he made the right decision to not rhyme on every track because he simply can’t hang with Guilty and Sean Price. The only real issue I have with the album is lack of varying subject matter, but again, that’s not really what this album was about. Straight spitting, no nonense and they do it well.

    That track with Rock on it has me fiending for a new Heltah Skeltah album.

  • Ed B says:

    Album of my year…so far.

  • Hugh Jasol says:

    Random Axe is wack. A project that took to long to come out from rappers who’ve already peaked. How many times are these guys going to spit the same shit over and over again? Its as if their life can’t reach pass crime, bragging, and being tough ladies man. Who the fuck cares? When is hip hop going to grow up? FUCK RANDOM AXE.

    Hey Black Milk why don’t you get that bitch ass eye patch wheelchair bound twuatter addicted clown who manages you to do his job? He couldn’t get you on Bad Meets Evil album? I thought Royce was your boy, Maybe if Hex got off of Kanye’s West’s dick and stop fantasizing about him being his manager.

    If HexMurda did manage Kanye he wouldn’t have wack rappers having benefits to pay his hospital bills.

    Random Axe enjoy touring Europe, it’s the only place you’ll make money with this wack album that took forever to come out with cause Sean Price is a full of shit asshole who didn’t want to record his verses.

    Guilty Simpson’s verses were done for years, it literally took years for Sean Price to record his verses. And then Sean lied and said Black Milk loss his verses when his computer crashed, fucking liar. Black Milk never had them.

  • sTeeZo says:

    The Random Axe LP was mad weak. Sean Price hasn’t done anything hot lyrically since the Heltah Skeltah LP Magnum Force. Anybody remember the fire Sean use to spit back in the golden days of Duck Down? He had such a smooth ass flow and you had to rewind the song to catch what he said cuz dude would flip words like flap jacks. But now, Sean sounds like some drunk ass old guy doing a bad Sean Price impersonation. As for Guilty Simpson, I’ve always hated him. He sounds like he’s rapping off-beat with a mouth full of shit. And Black Milk is one of my favorite producer/emcees I’ve come across in the last few years but, he phoned his stuff in. Nothing Milk did on this LP had any of the energy and heart that made me a fan. all in all, Random Axe is a disjointed, repetitive, and boring waste of time.

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