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30 June, 2011@5:15 am

Apollo Brown’s “Clouds” has been one of the most talked about instrumental projects of the year. So, just before Apollo releases his new project with Hassaan Mackey (Daily Bread), he has decided to release a short animated feature to play as a companion to the “Clouds” track “Tao Te Ching”.

“A Solitary Crane In Winter Snow Needs No Jewels”

The video, directed by Emrys Roberts, unravels at a laid back, easy pace. First, Taoist mountains appear on yellowed parchment before calligraphic I-Ching symbols are drawn, slowly creating the entire Taoist wheel of hexagrams. Finally, the short animated piece evolves from a spinning I-Ching wheel into a spiral galaxy, rotating amongst the stars.

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0 Responses to "Apollo Brown – "Tao Te Ching" (Video)"
  • TomL says:

    Now this was something… great track and great visuals

  • Dayz says:

    Love his instrumentals! Great for freestyle sessions!

  • DurbSuperb says:

    Agree with TomL. Wish I was 20 again and was eating Psilocybin, hahaha

  • sTeeZo says:

    Damn…. The combination of this track and the video put the mellow in my fellow, the move in my groove, and the Feng in my Shui. Apollo Brown is one of those truly rare great multifaceted talents and it seems that he’s not even close to reaching his plateau.

  • TomL says:

    This could be used for the LSD testing done in the 70s

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