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6 July, 2011@3:42 pm

New mixtape from Kassiano. Download is available here or below.

Ras Kass – Endangered Lyricist Vol. 3 (Mixtape)

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0 Responses to "Ras Kass – Endangered Lyricist Vol. 3 (Mixtape)"
  • jack in the box says:

    richb – so all the millions of reviews written in the history of mankind are worthless because people’s tastes differ? There seems to be a consensus here, as well as in the hip hop “world” that ras kass rhymes>>the beats he picks. So why would i not listen, if dudes say the same thing about this new one. Saves me a bit of time and energy if nothing else.

    I’m writing this while taking a shit btw. Thanks tricknology.

  • TomL says:

    I think this guy doesn’t know how things work round here yet…

  • McNulty says:

    Fuck it a little chaos never hurt nothin

  • Dayz says:

    Well @McNulty I don’t know about chaos unless your speaking of K-os and I think a little Organized Confusion (more so than chaos) never hurt nothin’…

  • Rizzo says:

    Plus it will save us the time of having to order something from (or even navigate to the site)

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