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13 Responses to "Big Daddy Kane Says He Would Beat Rakim In A Battle"
  • DJ Rodney says:

    Rakim is a great writer, but he can’t go toe to toe with Kane in a battle. The format doesn’t suit him well! Kane is more of a wordsmith in the heat of the moment and on the spot able to come up with rhymes. People look at Kane as the sex symbol dude, but Rakim is always in one mode on the mic, and the GOD BODY stuff won’t work in a battle. Nothing wrong with it, but it won’t work. Better competition for Kane would be LL or KRS. Battle Veterans who have cancelled careers!

  • Rizzo says:

    Big Daddy Kane, Rakim & Kool G Rap album produced by Marley Marl please

  • PsycoPat says:

    I love em’ both…

    I think Rakim is the greatest ever though…

    It is interesting one has ended up fat and the other is REALLY thin…

    I’ll take Rakim though, because he currently puts on a better show and is at least still making (disappointing) albums. Once every decade, but he still puts stuff out, although supposedly Kane has something coming out soon…

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