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18 July, 2011@1:23 am

New poison from G. Rap’s Riches, Royalty, Respect, in stores now.

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0 Responses to "Kool G. Rap – "I'm In Too Deep" (Video)"
  • TomL says:

    How old is this guy now? I feel weird seeing these grandpas spit like they’re 20

  • jack in the box says:

    G Rap sounds tired, and that sample is played out.

  • KillaBee2k5 says:

    Everyone who comments on this site loves to hate on everything, damn!! He may not be as good as he used to, but he’s still better than most cats out there and certainly doesn’t deserve any hate for continuing to do what he does!!

  • khordkutta says:

    IDK fellas, what do you mean like hes 20, subject matter? I’ll give you that, but he does it well, which most guys in their twenties today dont. For the most part emcess are “actors” playin a role, we dont get pissed @ Denzel, Deniro and others for playin the same role. jus a thought

  • TomL says:

    What I mean by in their 20′s is the look and subject matter.

    Being in your 50s and not growing, upgrading, changing, evolving… it makes you feel pathetic for the dude

    It’s like seeing your old ass uncle that wants to talk slang and hang out with college kids… disturbing

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