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19 July, 2011@6:57 pm

When it comes to Tech N9ne, hip-hop fans either love or hate him, there really is no middle ground. He can best be described as the Dennis Rodman of beats and rhymes. Haters see him as weird, while fans see him as a misunderstood genius. For years, Tech has been on the outskirts, placed in the ‘strange’ basket with the ICP’s and Lynch Hung’s of the world. With his new LP All 6′s and 7′s, Tech attempts to convert the haters and add to his army of fans.

The first noticeable thing about All 6′s and 7′s is it’s guest list. The album features B.O.B. on “Am I a Psycho”, Yelawolf, Twista and Busta Rhymes on “WorldWide Choppers”, Kendrick Lamar on “I Love Music”, Lil Wayne and T-Pain on “Fuck Food and E-40 and Snoop Dogg on “Pornographic”. Tech even recruits Stokely Williams of Mint Condition and rockers The Deftones. Talk about a diverse range of guests. In a way, the guest list shows the diversity of Tech N9ne fans and also shows the respect the emcee has from his musical peers. The collaborations are all well done as each guest plays the jigsaw piece, fitting perfectly into the puzzle that is All 6′s an 7′s.

Standout tracks on all All 6′s and 7′s include “Technicians” and the singles ‘Hes a Mental Giant’ and ‘Worldwide Choppers’ which find Tech at his absolute best, slaying a nastily produced Seven beat on the former and teaming with a slew of motor mouthed emcees in a battle of can you top this on the latter.

Tracks such as “Strangeland”, “Cult Leader”,”Boogieman”, “So Lonely”, all find Tech addressing what he feels are misconceptions about him and what he stands for. “Love Me Tomorrow”, “Overtime”, “Fuck Food” and “Pornographic” all fit into what Tech describes as his biggest weakness; women. With all of these tracks, Tech attempts to bring the fans into his world and into his self described “strangeland”. At the end of it, he comes off almost endearing. In the end, Tech becomes like the friend that purposely tries to be different to stir controversy, but is still talented and just a little bit eccentric.

All 6′s and 7′s can best be described as Tech N9ne’s Mona Lisa. Production-wise the album is stellar as Tech brings in a slew of different producers, including J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and his in house producer and backbone, Seven. Lyrically, Tech is at the top of his game. He’s always been a top notch emcee, but has always been overshadowed by his reputation as different. The album is the work of a motivated man, setting out to prove all of his doubters wrong. In the end, Tech brings us an inspired album which is his best work to date. As a person who knew of Tech N9ne, but really never checked for him, All 6′s and 7′s turned this reviewer, maybe it will do the same for others, as well.

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30 Responses to "Tech N9ne – "All 6′s and 7′s" – @@@@ (Review)"
  • @Joe: actually it went from a juggalo comment to a personal story about juggalos to music curiousity to music sharing hahaha the cycle of online social communication is now complete hahaha

  • Dayz says:

    @Artie, didn’t forget ya man gonna hit ya up on facebook!

  • @Dayz: damn right kid!!! the community is growing restless with our side convos hahaha

  • Dayz says:

    Yeah I hear ya, i know there’s a million hip hop forums out there but you and the regulars on HHS actually have some intelligent and worth while comments instead of the ignorant, graphic and prophane bullshat I ready elsewhere… yo @Pizzo a forum section for discussions would be a great addition to the site!

  • Dayz – that video was extra dope. my kind of hiphop. I remember that Outfit album you guys put out 10 years ago. i definitrly need to cop that 49ers album.

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